Friday, December 29, 2017

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Government just declassified a huge archive of never before seen nuclear test

The government just declassified a huge archive of never before seen nuclear tests here's the footage.

Many years ago between 1945 and 1962, the US conducted 210 atmospheric nuclear tests. the tests were filmed at different angles with multiple cameras that could capture 2,400 frames per second. But that footage has been classified, until now.

Declassified was made by Lawrence Livermore National Lab  a huge archive of this footage. It's a chilling reminder of nuclear weapons' power to destroy.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Here's the reason we have lines on our hands, forget palm reading.

Do you think the lines on your hands insight to your future? No! Not even a little.This Video Tell more of the scientific reason for why we have multiple palm line and why some people have fewer than others.

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In what extend can you stay in extremely cold weather before getting frostbite

Cold temperatures can cause the skin and tissue to start freezing, killing the cells. Frostbite is a serious condition. But wind chill can drastically change how long you"ll last

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This lifelike Robot could be straight out of West World & it make someone scared

On display at a technology exposition just outside the gates of the World Economic Forum Annual meeting in Davos was alarmingly life robot. DAVOS, Switzerland .

'Sophia ' the Nicknamed by its creator David Hanson of Hanson Robotics, the robot was so realistic that it generated various visceral reactions from passersby ranging from awestruck to a little somewhat scared. We talked to Hanson about his creation, and asked about his purpose in designing lifelike robots that could soon be a part of our daily lives

Friday, January 13, 2017

The stunning new Lord of the Rings Posters follow Gandalf's journey

One of  the main reasons why The lord of the Rings trilogy, in both movie and book form, it so great is the characters. every hero and everything in between is simply memorable and captivating. each person has their favorites and if your favorite is Gandalf, this is going to amaze everyone. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

why Maple syrup jugs have teeny tiny handles

What are these waffle holes for? And maybe most perplexing,Who is Mrs. Brutterworth anyway?  what's up with the teeny-tiny handle on the side of a maple syrup bottle? it's called a Skeumorph, and here's why it's there. If brunch time has you wondering about maple syrup packaging , you're not alone.

There are three longest words in Dictionary and there meaning

English is an odd and remarkable language. We "write", we can be right", and we perform a "rite". But even more interesting than the fact of our language are the lengthy and rarely used words hidden among our dictionaries.

According to Merriam Webster, for something to be considered a word it must:

  1. Have widespread usage
  2. have sustained usage
  3. Have meaningful usage
By that definition, here are the three longest words in the English dictionary.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is resigning from board of Directors

Yahoo announced in a filing with the SEC on Monday, that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is resigning from company's board of directors.

The movement will be in connection with Yahoo's merger with Verizon $4.8 billion . Mayer will step down from the board after the deal closes, as will Yahoo con founder David Filo and for other members of the board

The resignation will reduce Yahoo's board to five members and are Not due to any disagreement with the Company on any matter relating to the Company's operations, policies or practices, the filing says.

Which Countries is the Smartest in Science in the World

There are 7 smartest Countries in the World when it comes to Science. With so many jobs shifting into technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is more important than ever. In October 2015, The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released its latest Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard report, The top ranked Countries in the World when it comes to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

This very modern idea Car is a garden on wheels

This futuristic concept car Swiss auto manufacturer rinspeed  is showcasing a truly crazy idea car at this year's Consumer Electronics show. Rinspeed essentially packed the car with every tech feature the auto industry has been talking about this year, from tech self driving to gesture controlled displays that can tell you when the traffic light will turn green.

The idea car will also make a appearance at the Detroit Auto Show that begins January 8.

Look at the Laptop that come with three screen fold out

Laptop with the 3 screen that fold out, at this year's in Las Vagas Consumer Electronics Show , Razer unviled a crazy concept laptop that has three monitors. Here's what it's like, it's called Project Valerie

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Honda wants its New Idea Car to become a personal taxi

A new discovery car made by Company Honda wants to become your personal self driving taxi!
Honda thinks owners of  its  idea New Electric Urban Car (NevV) could have it picking and drop off passengers when they are not using it for their own private use.

Friday, January 6, 2017

DC's off Comedy Powerless

DC's office comedy powerless has way less office comedy now. Powerless used to be about a young working at an insurance company in the DC Universe, providing to bystanders caught up in super-powered brawls. But then its primise underwent a maor reworking, and now a new TV spot for the show shos us ust how different it make.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A German company create a special wooden chef knife which they see has 'self cleaning'

Creators of Knife, Lignum, say this means no soap is needed when washing, just warm water. Because, the wood used to make the Knives contains tannin which have antibacterial properties on it.

The //SKD Knife is made from 97% wood with a thin steel blade.

You can still purchase a knife  at almost the same amount you do before.

A simple sleeping time habit that can prevent bad morning mouth breath

It's a fact of life, that everyone experiences morning breath now and again. But if mornings you find that your breath is so bad that everyone is avoiding you and your pets are scared of you, maybe you should take some advice from ear, nose and throat specialist.

Science reveals the age that you point at highest achievement of everything

Everybody has an age they remember where everything they do just seemed to go in right way, but that might not be a coincidence. Through a number of learning, Scientists have concluded that these are the ages where you look up to achieved everything.   

A dating professional explains an interesting trick of more successful relationships

Andrea Syrtash dating professional, author of "he's just not your type and that's a good thing: How to find love where you least expect it," explains why dating your type is a mistake.

Report: Wood Harrelson in early talks to be Han Solo's new mentor

Variety of people has sources saying that Woody Harrelson is in te early stages of negotiation to play the teacher of Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) in the next standalone Star Wars movie.

Donald Glover will be playing Lando Calrissian and Clarke will be the love interest.Will Harrelson's teacher teach smuggling or thieving, since the new Star Wars canon got rid of the story that Han once attended the Imperial Academy? Both the old and new canon do have him being orphaned at a young age and taking up thieving.

A Snake eating a Wallaby

Australia is great Twistiest, hot sports Men and beautiful Girls. In other ways, however it's a scary World of it owned up by a drunk Salvador Dali after a visit to Jurassic Park.

The latest example of this comes courtesy of Bernie Worlsfold, a resident of the northeastern coastal town of Kuranda. Worlsfold, share some pictures of the incident or , if you want to be blunt, the horrific killing of a furry wallaby a very large snake.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer just Signed on to a new scifi film

Jerry Bruckhelimer the producer of Armageddon and Pirates of the Caribbean just signed on to a new Scifi Film.

He (Jerry Bruckhelimer) has been making memorable movies and TV shows for the past few decades. However, with a few exceptions like Amageddon and the Pirates of the Caribbean dilms, he's mostly stayed away from Science fiction and fantasy. Now,he's teaming up with one of his Pirates directors on a scifi film. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

An exercise scientist reveals secret on how to get 6-pack Abs

Shawn Arent , the director of the Center for Health and Human Performance at Rutgers University and a Fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine, talks about what you'll really need to show off those-pack abs

Special thanks to Michael Bltman and Crossfit NYC.

What it really mean to be double-jointed

Here's what it really means to be 'double-jointed'. Can you bend your arms behind your back, touch your thumb to your forearm, or click your wrist? Most people describe someone with these talents as being 'double-jointed,' but that's not an accurate representation. Here's you can look at what's really going on with a lady in the picture who is unusually flexible.

Another Big Marvel Hero can have a Bigger Role in Thor: Ragnarok than we thought

Sony's animated Spider-man movie can have a very interesting lead character, while Marvel's new Spidery cartoon recruits to comic book webslinger. A new DCtv show is coming, and they'll know more soon. Plus, Michael Fassbender talks Alien: Covenant and new footage from Beauty and the Beast. To me, my spoilers

Zack Snyder made a absurd, Secret Cameo in Batman V Superman

Some kicks are just not important enough  to bother the expensive actor with. for instant, if all you need is a close-up of a body part that's not the face somebody standing around the set can step. and sometimes that person is the director.  

There are lots of winks and nods to Star wars Rebels in Rogue

The latest Stars Wars Rebels Trailer is cut with Scenes from Rogue One. By now, it's no secret there are lot of nods and winks to Star Wars Rebels in Rogue one. Neither is it a secret that when the animated show returns January 7, insurgent Saw Gerrera will return as well, once again played by Forest Whitaker.

Very Modern Foods You"ll Be Eating in 30 Years

In 2016 we ate very strange food. A person born in the 1000AD definitely wouldn't comprehend a Dorito. He certainly wouldn't understand why Kids love the tasts of Cinnamon toast Crunch, and if you showed him Twinkle, he will almost certainly burn you at the stake. But the way thing are going, our food is bound to get more strange. 

Why did the Dinosaurs go Extinct?

Yet Another Reason the Dinosaurs were Screwed

Why did the Dinosaurs are no longer in existence? We are not completely sure about it, although agiant asteroid and a bunch of enormous volcanic eruptions probably had a lot to do with it . But here's another factor youmay not have considered: too much indefinite period in the egg.

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Startup app lets dispensaries legally provide Hemp in 60 minutes or less

Green-Rush is one of several California startups delivering a legal weed-delivery service. they Partnering with hundreds of dispensaries in the state, the San Francisco based Company delivers door to door service of your hemp, Oils, Edible and more...  

Amazing kooks, Lego's Headquarter is about to get a huge Renovation

Lego's Headquarters is about to get a huge Renovation, and with it amazing looks

Adult and Children have Love Lego''s products all around the World for many years (for decades). Their headquarters in Denmark is about to get a huge renovation. 

The Mannequin Challenge in Micro-gravity Puts All The Crew to Shame

The Mannequin Challenge in Micro-gravity put all the Others to shame.

The Crew of the International Station notice Mannequin Challenge been found everywhere, as far as it can go 260 miles above Earth surface.

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds will be buried together

Carrie Fisher will buried along with her mother Debbie Reynolds, according to a report from the Associated Press. Debbie who starred in 'Singin' in the Rain and is mother of the late Star Wars legend died the day after her daughter did.

The Best New Years's Day Deals for Gamers

Until recently the USB-Powered portable hard drives was topped at 2TB, but today on amazon, youcan get a 3TB hard drive for only $100, and if you are serious about photography you need the new Sony A7s II also available on amazon or online.

Hollywood may be known as Hollyweed , in 2017

2017 is bound to bring a lot of changes our society most of them will be  bad but some ill be good .For example a Los Angeles base hero was vandalized, or may be modernized. the city's iconic Hollywood sign was changed to "Hollyweed".

Ben Affleck Casts Doubt on Directing Batman Solo Movie

Ben Affleck Casts Doubt on Directing 

Ben Affleck  has been taking his free time on the Batman movie, temporarily named The Batman, but a recent interview suggests he might be losing interest in directing it.. or even worse making it at Batman Movie, since having to play the same role at other movies.  

What are you Most Psychod About in 2017?

Open Channel: What Are You Most Psyched About in 2017?

Is a brand new Year and there is a lot of Movies to be excited about in 2017.  They're getting a brand new Stars Wars movie, The flash will be back, The Game of thrones comes back with it penultimate season, and Marvel's got not one, not two, But three major films debuting this year, spider man home coming, wonder woman, justice league.

Plus, you've got a ton of books and comic books. What isn't there to love?

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Backstory of Darth Vader's Castle in star war's Rogue one

The idea that Darth Vader had a home far far away isn't  a new idea but no film maker has been able to fit the idea in the movie until Rogue One. Star Wars concept designer Ralph McQuarrie came up with the idea decades ago.

Expanse season two here what we know

The syfy's series the expanse return with a double episode to kick off its second season on February 1st and its not  January 1st yet but people are already excited for the series.So far, few of trailers and behind the scenes are already available. 

Matthew McConaughey turn down role of Guardians of the Galaxy

Actors on the standard of Matthew McConaughey often refused the biggest roles acting business for numbers of reasons. What we rarely hear though is their reasoning , and in a new interview  McConaughey explains why he turned down a role in Guadian of the Galaxy 2, but did choose to apearin The Dark Tower movie.

Russian hackers may have exposed the US electrical grid to a future kinetic attack

Russsian hackers have been known for cyber attacks, and this week they left the US electrical grid vulnerable to attacks.

However, investigators found code associated with the hackers during an analysis of Russia's cyber attacks against Democratic Party organizations.

The code was not used to disrupt any operation so far at the Virginia utility site, the post noted citing unnamed officials familiar with matter.

Green Mountain power and Burlington Electric which is located less than 10 miles away from town of Burlington maybe the two targets, but it remains unclear .

Russia is the center of a US federal investigation into widespread hacking that targeted organisations associated with the Democratic Party during the presidential election.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Simple trick to look best in selfies from Smartphone

Here's the simple trick to your best in selfies from your smartphone

Looked at it afterward and thought , have you ever taken a selfie. That's not even what i look like...
The problem was likely wide angle distortion, the property of smartphone lenses and other super wide cameras} that render their subjects a bit odd looking and cartoonist.

Fortunately, there's simple way around the problem if you understand a bit about the optics of these device.

Manufacturers build smartphone with super wide angle lenses that can stretch and distort your face in unflattering ways.

How much alcohol it takes to get drunk?

A doctor explains how much alcohol it takes to get drunk

Addiction specialist Doctor Samuel Ball reveals how your body is only able to process so much alcohol an hour. when you're out on a Saturday night and that one drink suddenly turns eight, you may realize to late that you're not sober enough to drive home. so, its wise to stick with this one rule if you want to remain sober.

NASA astronaut talks about how his journeys into Space changed his view on life

NASA astronaut explains how his journeys into space changed his life.

Currently giving him the record for most days in space of any American astronaut, Astronaut Jeffrey Williams spent five hundred and thirty four days in space for that long. He shares his insights after observing the Earth from far distance

This is a breathtakingly beauty icicle covered waterfall in China

Creating a spectacular view of Icicles all around the water's edge, Temperatures around the Hokou Waterfall in China recently dropped well blow freezing. The waterfall is part of the Yellow River, and even cold temperatures are expected which means more icicles could form soon. These means it could be very dangerous but, look Beautiful. 

The FBI just released a comprehensive secret code used by Russian hackers

The FBI just released a comprehensive list of the outlandish secret cod names used by Russian hackers

The Department of Homeland Security and FBI released a joint report Thursday on Russian Malicious cyber activity that included a thorough list of the peculiar secret code names used by Russian hackers. The joint analysis report, which refers to the Russian activity headlined by its efforts hack into US government and political organizations as GRIZZLY STEPPE, included a list of secret code which is names used by reported actors associated with the Russian military and civilian intelligence service who engaged in various phishing scheme aimed at foreign targets.

"SEADADDY", "HAMMERTOSS" "ENERGETIC BEAR", and "CARBERP" are some of those absurd names. Many of the names include duke" or "bear" such as the more well known alian "Fany Bear".

This report was released shortly after President Barack Obama announced new sanctions against Russsian officials, which includes the removal of 35 Russian intelligence officials currently in the United States, in addition to sactions from the Treasury Department against 2 other Russian individuals. In a Thurday statement, "Obama said the actions were not the sum total of our response"  and announced his administration would provide a report to Congress inthe coming days related to Russian's effortsto interfere in our election, as well as malicious cyber activity related  to our election cycle in previous terms.

Assuring that Washington would receive an answer if new hostile steps were taken, Russia swiftly responded.

This applies to any actions against Russian diplomatic missions in the United States which will immediately backfire at US Diplomats in Russia, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in her statement . the Obama administration probably does not care at all about the future of bilateral relations, but history will forgive it for this apres-nous-ie-deluge attitude.

According to Scientists, 15 simple ways to relax

The great way to relax is often by Meditation and many studies back up that idea. In a meta-analysis looking at several studies of relaxation training in people with anxiety, the observed effects of meditation were greater than those observed for other intentional relaxation techniques such as autogenic training{a process tat involves making your body feel heavy and warm} and applied relaxation.Other studies have also outlined its effect as an anti-anxiety and antidepressant method.

Getting a massage maybe a great way for some of us to relieve stress and relax yes indeed.

A small study looking at the effect of back massages on Japanese students preparing for exams found that people who got them had less muscle stiffness and lower levels of cortisol a hormone associated with stress. Some caveats though the study was small, and it didn't have a control group. In other words, there's no way to know if they'd sent another group of people into a quiet room and not given them massages tat they wouldn't have seen similar results. perhaps just from being isolated from their studies.

The key for relaxation is by regular exercise.
The key to relaxed mind is a body, according to the Harvard Medical School: The relaxed body will in turn, send signals of calm and control that help reduce mental tension.
One way to relax the body is by excising it may sound counter-intuitive, but working out can help the body release mood elevating hormones, like endorphins, and reduce levels of stress hormones like adrenalineand cortisol.   

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Adoption of phablet surged over the holiday

The phablet adoption surged over the holiday period

The BI Intelligence received this story Apps and Platforms Briefing subscribers. 

The adoption Global phablet was surged over the holiday season period, according to Flurry. In the week leading up to Christmas and the start of Hanukkah, 7% of new device activations were for phablets smarphones with screens 5 inches or large marking an increase of 10% oints from the same period in 2015.

The growth annual indicates that phablet  are on track to become the main form foctor of smartphones worldwideby mid-2017. The phone medium sized such as the iphone 7 accounted for 45 percentage of new device activations during the week leading up to the holidays, Flurry notes.

This means, that's down 9% points from the 54 percentage of device activation the form factor comprised in 2015. Although this is partly a result of phone makers moving away from building phones with medium sized screens the shift is due to the growing popularity of phablet among consumers.

The adoption of the devices could be a good for developers and brands since the larger screens also help encourage longer apps usage. The larger screens of phablets such as th iphone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 tend to lend themselves to abetter apps knowledge making navigating menus, watching videos and playing games more enjoyable. Phablet owners launch 21 percentage more apps than owners of 4 inch smartphone . They also have a 3.% higer average session length than four inch devices according to Localytics.  

When you diving a cars you already deciding who to kill

Self driving cars are already deciding who to kill.

An autonomous vehicles are already making profound choices about whose lives, according to expert, so we might want to pay full attention.

Any time car makes a complex maneuver , it is implicitly making trade off in terms of risks to different parties, Iyad Rahwan, an MIT cognitive scientist, wrote in an email stated that.

the most well known issues in AV ethics are trolly problems moral trade questions dating back to the era of trollies that ask whose lives should be sacrificed in an unavoidable crash. For example, if a person fallsonto the road in front of a fast moving AV and the car can  either  swerve into a traffic barrier potentially killing the passenger or go straight, potentially killing the pedestrian, what should it do?

Colleagues and Rahwan have studies what humans consider the moral action in no win scenarios  You can Judge your own cases at thier crowd sourced project.

The most ethical decision maybe the one that gets the most AVs on the road, in the long run.After all AVs are already much safer than human drivers, and it's been projected that they could elimate 90% of traffics fatalities.

However, getting to that point, will require the creation of laws and the avoidance of missteps that might trigger dire controversies or lawsuits. it will require ethics  in other words.

As Rahwan and colleagues, Jean Francois Bonnefon and Azim Shariff wrote in the New York Times:
Driver less cars are adopted sooner, the more lives will be secured. But taking seriously the psychological as well as technologica challenges of autonomous vehicles will be necessary in freeing us from tedious, wasteful and dangerous system of driving that we have put up with for more than a century.