Thursday, December 29, 2016

When you diving a cars you already deciding who to kill

Self driving cars are already deciding who to kill.

An autonomous vehicles are already making profound choices about whose lives, according to expert, so we might want to pay full attention.

Any time car makes a complex maneuver , it is implicitly making trade off in terms of risks to different parties, Iyad Rahwan, an MIT cognitive scientist, wrote in an email stated that.

the most well known issues in AV ethics are trolly problems moral trade questions dating back to the era of trollies that ask whose lives should be sacrificed in an unavoidable crash. For example, if a person fallsonto the road in front of a fast moving AV and the car can  either  swerve into a traffic barrier potentially killing the passenger or go straight, potentially killing the pedestrian, what should it do?

Colleagues and Rahwan have studies what humans consider the moral action in no win scenarios  You can Judge your own cases at thier crowd sourced project.

The most ethical decision maybe the one that gets the most AVs on the road, in the long run.After all AVs are already much safer than human drivers, and it's been projected that they could elimate 90% of traffics fatalities.

However, getting to that point, will require the creation of laws and the avoidance of missteps that might trigger dire controversies or lawsuits. it will require ethics  in other words.

As Rahwan and colleagues, Jean Francois Bonnefon and Azim Shariff wrote in the New York Times:
Driver less cars are adopted sooner, the more lives will be secured. But taking seriously the psychological as well as technologica challenges of autonomous vehicles will be necessary in freeing us from tedious, wasteful and dangerous system of driving that we have put up with for more than a century.