Friday, December 30, 2016

The FBI just released a comprehensive secret code used by Russian hackers

The FBI just released a comprehensive list of the outlandish secret cod names used by Russian hackers

The Department of Homeland Security and FBI released a joint report Thursday on Russian Malicious cyber activity that included a thorough list of the peculiar secret code names used by Russian hackers. The joint analysis report, which refers to the Russian activity headlined by its efforts hack into US government and political organizations as GRIZZLY STEPPE, included a list of secret code which is names used by reported actors associated with the Russian military and civilian intelligence service who engaged in various phishing scheme aimed at foreign targets.

"SEADADDY", "HAMMERTOSS" "ENERGETIC BEAR", and "CARBERP" are some of those absurd names. Many of the names include duke" or "bear" such as the more well known alian "Fany Bear".

This report was released shortly after President Barack Obama announced new sanctions against Russsian officials, which includes the removal of 35 Russian intelligence officials currently in the United States, in addition to sactions from the Treasury Department against 2 other Russian individuals. In a Thurday statement, "Obama said the actions were not the sum total of our response"  and announced his administration would provide a report to Congress inthe coming days related to Russian's effortsto interfere in our election, as well as malicious cyber activity related  to our election cycle in previous terms.

Assuring that Washington would receive an answer if new hostile steps were taken, Russia swiftly responded.

This applies to any actions against Russian diplomatic missions in the United States which will immediately backfire at US Diplomats in Russia, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in her statement . the Obama administration probably does not care at all about the future of bilateral relations, but history will forgive it for this apres-nous-ie-deluge attitude.